Top Property management software for builders and contractor

Property management software

It is very surprising to see construction companies and builders are still using the old spreadsheet or pen and paper while there are many better solutions for it. If you are a property manager, you should consider better ways to manage all the tasks rather than going with the traditional system. Before you start using property management software, you should have a good understanding of it so that you can utilize it well.

What is property management software?

Property management software is a tool used by property managers to keep track of properties easily and do all the process required for property management. Property management software offers the following:

  • Inspection
  • Accounting
  • Reporting features
  • Maintenance
  • Communication

These features make it a one-in-all solution for property managers. Some software even offers email or SMS marketing for extra tasks. With all the information is stored well in the software you have to spend less time and the tasks get easier. Property management software is of two types:

  • Server-based

In this case, an application needs to be installed and all the data is either on the computer or on a certain server. These types of software need professionals to be utilized perfectly and the data is not accessible from different places.

  • Cloud-based

The cloud-based system has its data stored in cloud storage and is accessible from anywhere with any devices. It is easier to use but not as fast as server-based software.

There can be found a huge number of different applications when you’re looking for a good project management app. Not all of them are the same and differ in services. General property management applications are similar in terms of key features.

10 best property management software


Here are the best property management systems that can serve construction companies and builders. They can differ from each other in terms of services and as a result, you have to choose which one serves your needs well.

1. Real Builder – Real Estate

Real Builder is an awarded desktop software for windows with all-round ERP solutions. It is used by builders, contractors, real estate developers, and infrastructure developers. It can mange documents, marketing, expense, maintenance, contact, payment, properties, and many more. It is easily customizable to your satisfaction. It is not cloud-based and that’s why it is not accessible from different platforms.

2. Astral Real Estate Management System

Astral Real Estate is a cloud-based management system with a ton of features. It has CRM Analytics for CRM tasks. From customer management to email marketing, the Astral Real Estate Management system is great for all types of property management tasks. Being cloud-based, it is easily accessible from any device. The software is highly customizable for different needs.

3. Procore

Procore is a web-based platform and a great tool for construction with a SAAS payment system. Construction-related property management that includes retail centers, university facilities, industrial plants, apartment complexes, etc. Like other management software, it has all the necessary features. One thing that makes it unique is its accessibility. It is accessible from Windows, Macintosh, and Android.

4. WorkflowMax

For an easy cloud-based solution, you can choose WorkflowMax. Its features include client manager, lead manager, and many more. It has a SAAS payment system and its software is available on Windows, Mac, and Android. It has a lot of support systems and usable in different fields including construction.

5. Tiemchart Project Management Software

It is an award-winning tool for enterprises big and small. Being user-friendly, it is easily understandable and customizable. It is web-based and the software is available for Windows and Mac. This software is used by people in different fields including property managers.

6. Viewpoint

The software is a great choice for construction management as it offers all the management features a builder’s company needs. Moreover, it is suitable for different businesses and even for individuals. Viewpoint is available in Windows, macOS and Android platforms.

7. Ayoga

Ayoga is software for Real Estate, Contractors, Architects, EPC, and Infrastructure for managing their tasks within one platform. It is a cloud-based construction management system that has its software in Windows, macOS, and Android. It is a great choice for managing unplanned tasks, materials, manpower, equipment, vehicle, and designs.


If you’re a subcontractor then eSUB is the best choice for you. This cloud-based system lets you handle all the projects from one place. It has a mobile app for Android so that you can easily access important documents from anywhere.

9. Builder MAX

Builder MAX is a great tool for construction industries as it manages multiple projects at once. The web app is very popular amongst contractors and builders for their all-in-one services.

10. Wrike

For better visibility and control over all the projects, you can use Wriker. It is an online system that has won a prize for providing great user experience. Its app is available for Android, Mac and Windows platforms.

Considerations before purchasing a property management software

Before paying for property management software, you need to consider a few things. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Requirements

Know your company’s requirements. You want a platform that can do all the management work that you want. For making sure the software is perfect for your business, you can try a demo and see how it works.

  • Pricing

Applications differ in prices. Some have a one-time payment and some web-based applications take monthly payment. We recommend that you choose whatever is good for you no matter the prices because these apps don’t cost that much.

  • Features

The software we have mentioned above differ in features. There are some features that are a must for your business while some other features do not serve any purpose. You need to get your priorities decided so that you can choose what’s best for you.


There is no “default” in management software. Such software should be customizable according to a business’s standard so that it has a unique look. The easier the software is to customize, the better the customer satisfaction.

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