What is SafeWiper For iOS— Completely Erase Everything From iPhone

iPhones are a big craze among Millennials and many people update to the latest models every year. But before selling, trading or giving away an iPhone, it is very important to remove personal information completely. Some persistent data which should be taken care of are given below:

  1. Deleted files from an iPhone.
  2. Files which can hamper performance.
  3. Private and recent data such as messages, call logs, WhatsApp data, photos, videos, etc.
  4. Private traces produced and left by third-party apps.

What is SafeWiper For iOS

Erasing data becomes a mandatory task for every iPhone owner at one point of time or the other. Erasing all content and settings of an iPhone will bring the status of the device to the first time it was booted up. It will wipe everything from personal data, iOS apps, email accounts, system and app settings, media and the iPhone needs to be configured afresh. Full erase does not wipe off the recently installed iOS on the device, including upgrades that were downloaded.

Although, it might wipe off any jailbreak software and system apps as it restores the device to original factory settings. Manually deleting contacts, calendars, reminders, documents, photos, or any other iCloud information can be tedious and risky. It is similar to the factory reset option on Android devices along with formatting internal and external memory spaces. There are a lot of tools available online, but SafeWiper is the best iPhone data erase tool out there.

What is SafeWiper

SafeWiper For iOS is the most effective way to erase iPhone everything. The software can be installed on both Mac and Windows OS. It is compatible with iOS 9 and above. It has a clutter-free interface and very easy to use. It shows comprehensive details about the data that is present on an iPhone. Users have the liberty to select specific or all data from their phones. In short, it’s the best iPhone Data Eraser tool with many features.

What is SafeWiper

It is highly recommended to back up the iPhone by using iTunes and iCloud. The iPhone can be connected to a computer with iTunes installed beforehand. Select the data and apps that need to be taken back up. Alternatively, iCloud can be used to backup files and settings using an internet connection.

With SafeWiper For iOS ,everything saved on the iPhone can be erased completely,after this ,no one can recover deleted data back on iPhone,Especially for those private data on iPhone,After you sell your iPhone to someone else, you don’t know if the deleted data will be restored on purpose,for security, it is necessary to use SafeWiper to erase iPhone everything .

How Does the SafeWiper Work

As a best iPhone data eraser,SafeWiper is able to delete text messages,photos,contacts, music and other files from iPhone permanently.

Once the SafeWiper For iOS is installed from: https://www.safewiper.com/ ,then following steps need to be followed:

Step 1. Launch the program after connecting the iPhone to the computer. SafeWiper will detect the device automatically and the home interface will show four major functionalities, 1-Click Free Up Space,Erase All Data,Erase Deleted Files,Erase Private Data.

Step 2. Each function is powerful enough to delete any data on the phone,choose options according to your situation.

Step 3. Assuming that necessary backup has been done, select”Erase Deleted Files”options, then the SafeWiper For iOS will automatically scan iPhone,of course, you are allowed to preview the data before deleting it.

How Does the SafeWiper Work

Step 4.Once the necessary data have been selected, press the “Delete” button.after this, the selected data can be completely erased from iPhone.

necessary data have been selected

After the erase process, the iPhone device is much safer to sell. There will be no issue of privacy being divulged to unwanted people.


Selling or returning an iPhone necessitates effective data erasing to avoid privacy and confidentiality issues. SafeWiper For iOS, which is the best iPhone data erase tool will simplify the entire process rapidly. Other methods or tools may require multiple steps to be followed before an iPhone is completely erased. Hence,SafeWiper For iOS is highly recommended for data erasing tasks for iPhone.

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