Why Is Being PCI Certified So Important for Businesses

PCI Certified

In today’s world, there are a lot of things a business can do in order to attract more customers and make itself more appealing to other business partners. Some choose to get certified and create an image of strength and security while others choose to invest in solutions such as a retail POS. Whatever the choice, businesses have to understand that they need to constantly invest in themselves in order to grow and develop and that they have all the tools necessary to do so.

The Main Difference Between Being PCI Compliant and PCI Certified?

In todays’ economy people are looking for reliable business partners which they can trust with their most valuable information. In order to show that they are the right people for the job, more and more businesses have begun getting various certifications that show that their security policies and protocols are top notch. But not all of these certifications mean the same thing. Some might be more relevant to potential business partners than others. This is why anybody looking for a reliable business partner needs to know the differences between them.

One of the most common security certifications are the ones awarded by the PCI Security Standards Council. But not all companies actually are certified. Some are only PCI compliant. This is why it is very important for anyone looking to do business with any company to understand what are the fundamental differences between being PCI compliant and being PCI certified. The first big difference is that you can obtain compliant status by filling out a form yourself that your company has implemented and is observing the PCI SSC security protocols.

Becoming certified takes a little more time and the procedure is somewhat different. Although the same protocols are implemented as in the case of compliant businesses, PCI certification is only obtained after a very thorough assessment by a QSA. That means that an external assessor has to come in and make sure that the protocols are being implemented and that the staff of a company is observing a certain security policy. Also, the first thing that needs to be up to code is the software used by the company. This is done in order to make sure that there are no immediate threats of data leaks or loses. Breaches in security protocols have to be immediately rectified and all those involved have to be carefully trained not to allow them to happen again.

Another thing that makes a PCI certified company different form a compliant one is the actual time needed to obtain said status. While a compliance for can be filled out and submitted in about a month, a certification process takes almost half a year to complete. This is because the checks that the QSA runs need to be very in depth. Also, this is why the PCI certified business club is such an elitist one.

Pros of Being PCI Certified

Although not all merchants will jump to the occasion of becoming certified and settle for compliant status, this is totally understandable. The process is a long one and for a small business just finding its legs, that can mean some serious revenue loses. But the advantages of being PCI certified are undeniable. Certification brings with it a certain standing in the business community that can later even translate into more and stronger business partners.

Other PCI certification benefits:

Stronger customer security

People will always want to do business with whoever can protect their data the best. That is why certified companies have lots more clients that compliant ones. Being certified shows people that your inner security culture is a strong one and that you are making active contributions to the protection of customer data.

Avoiding getting Fines

Some countries around the world have very strict rules when it comes to companies handling sensitive client information. This is why a company can sometimes get fined for not being certified in accordance with the PCI standards or for not respecting security guidelines and protocols in any way.

Creating a Better Company Image

Having strong security protocols and values implemented within a company makes that company more appealing to business partners. Enforcing strict security can enhance a businesses’ image and even add value to a brand.

Where to Find a Retail POS Solution

A retail POS solution is a key feature in any business model. Whether it is a general goods store or a high end massage parlor, POS solutions have been integrated in almost every form of daily life. And that is why finding POS solutions has become so simple nowadays. With one quick internet search any business owner can find a plethora of options. But choosing the right one is where things might get a little tricky for some business owners. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be so. All it takes is a little time for research in order to get a better understanding of what a POS for retail solution does and what do you need it for.

For instance, small businesses such as cafes and restaurants use retail POS solutions for a variety of different things. Regular clients might think that the system only enables payments and keeps track of transactions. But modern ones do so much more. Modern POS solutions can be used to keep track of inventory, of staff shifts, orders and even schedule deliveries. Although not all POS systems can do everything a business needs, the idea is to find the one that suits most of your needs and then scale it to your size. This is somewhat the beauty of these solutions. They are designed to be adaptable to any kind of business necessary.

How to Choose the Best Retail POS for Your Business?

Best Retail POS for Your Business

When it comes to choosing the right retail POS solution for your business things can become quite hard. Especially because there are so many options out there to choose from. Btu with the proper understanding of what your business needs and what the systems can offer, any business owner can make the right choice. All it takes is knowing a little research.

Some of the key features anyone looking for the right POS solution should look for:

The price is maybe the most important thing a business owner should look at when searching for the right POS for retail solution. Business owners have to understand that performance costs money, money that they will recuperate along the way. But they should also make sure that they are not just paying for useless features. The trick is to make a list of features you want your system to have and then start looking for the one system with the most.

Depending on the nature of their business, owners should also be aware of solutions that have great inventory keeping features. These can come in handy when trying to deal with large orders or shipments and also when trying to avoid loses due to human error.

Employee management is another great feature a business owner should look for in a POS solution. This can help him keep track of shifts, breaks, location management and section assignments.

The way the people offering the solution treat their customers is a very important factor. This is especially important for small businesses that want to grow and expand and thusly need help almost 24/7.

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