What Are the Advantages of a Power Dialer?

Advantages of a Power Dialer

One of the best CRM solution on the market today is Phoneburner, and one of the features that it is famous for is its power dialer. These features have become quite important in the business world, helping sales agents and entire companies reach more clients and increase revenues. But before thinking that this is a marvelous solution to all your sales problems, you should take a few minutes and do some research in order to properly understand how the system works and then decide if this is what you need in order to grow your business.

Understanding What a Power Dialer Does

Early methods of sales required sales men actually traveling the country and knocking door to door and presenting their products or services to whoever answered. Granted, this was maybe the most romantic period of sales in their entire history, inspiring some amazing movies and a Pulitzer winning play, but it wasn’t that great for the companies that employed them. And sometimes not for the salesmen either. Having doors slammed in your face after hours of driving or walking isn’t quite the most refreshing of welcomes one could receive. Not to mention the costs of traveling and any other associated expenses. This is when people in sales got a big help from technology.

The auto-dialer is the precursor of the popular power dialer almost every company uses today. The mechanics behind the auto-dialer was quite simple, as the name foreshadows. All it did was dial numbers from a list of potential customers, thus ushering in the era of phone sales. Among the many advantages the auto-dialer brought with it was the fact that it saved precious time for each call, eliminating the need for an actual person to dial a number and hang up between calls. Although this might not seem like much, every second counts. And when you’re working your way through a 500 phone number list, those second really add up. It also practically eliminated human error. No more wrong dialing meant more and more numbers could be dialed in the same amount of time.

But the auto-dialer had its limitations and also the digital revolution was starting to take hold of the business world. After a serious upgrade, the power dialer was introduced to the market. The dialer does exactly what the name says: it powers through phone numbers at greater speeds than any analog dialer could ever. But it also comes with some major improvements. For instance, a dialer can determine whether or not a number is in service and drop the call if it is wasting time ringing. Also it can be programed to interact with the person on the other end of the call until a company representative is available. There are many great things that can be said about power dialers, and that is why most CRM solutions come with an integrated version of it nowadays

The Advantages of the CRMDialer Power Dialer

There are many advantages to incorporating a power dialer into your sales strategy. The first and most often quoted one is that it reduces the time needed to make the actual calls. This is true and the reason why most companies use them. The time saved that way can be used by any member of the sales team actually engaging with the customer or simply improving his sales pitch.

Another major advantage to using a dialer is the reduction of overhead costs. Other dialing solutions might be hard to use and thusly generate delays which in turn generate revenue loses. A CRM solution with an integrated dialer feature is the right way to go if you are looking to keeping your costs low while also providing your sales team with the best technology out there.

The dialer is also designed to be very user friendly. That means that it is highly intuitive and there is usually no need for special training for the people that are going to be using it. Also, these dialers are designed to be simple to operate so that even if this isn’t the first dialer for most people they will not have a hard time adapting to it.

Dialers usually come with various other features of their own. For instance, some have recording capabilities that can extract valuable information and put in on file as the call goes on. This way nothing important gets lost or misplaced. Others have settings that allow the user to pre-record messages in order to engage the customer and keep him busy until an actual person can take over. There are a lot of advantages to dialers. It all depends on finding the right ne for you and your business.

What Can Phoneburner Do?

Phoneburner is one of the best sales tools out there today. It combines the many carefully deigned feature sof a high end CRM solution with the actual strength of a very powerful dialer. Also, another thing that makes Phoneburner great is the fact that it can adapt to both small businesses and big companies with extensive sales teams.

The dialer feature of Phoneburner is one of the best on the market. It can help agents reach as many as 80 leads an hour. That’s a big number to beat by its competitors, and a very good one when it comes down to the bottom line each day. The dialing software eliminates human error and significantly reduces the time wasted with dialing and hanging up between calls.

But the software also comes in handy when management needs to understand where their strong and weak points are. It can generate detailed reports that carefully analyze each sales agent individually, giving the team leader a better understanding about his teams’ capabilities.

How does Phoneburner match up to CRMDialer?

Phoneburner match up to CRMDialer

Right of the bat, anybody working in sales will have to admit that both solutions are pretty great. That being said, there are some major differences between them. The first and maybe biggest one is that while the first one is a more calling-based solution, CRMDialer is a more well-rounded piece of software. The simple fact that it has more integrated features makes it a better tool to have in a sales environment, where being able to access and use multiple resources simultaneously is a huge advantage. The capabilities of CRMDialer far exceeds that of a regular automated dialing app. Although, the dialer feature of the software is one of the most powerful on the market today.

The next thing any business owner looking to empower his team should look at is the way his team actually interacts with the software. If one would only look at the dialing feature from CRMDialer. The way it is designed makes it very simple to use by anyone, thus reducing training costs and shortening accommodation periods. The dialer does not only do all of the heavy lifting for you but it actually helps you collect valuable information about the leads you contact. It can actually help you plan your next move while still engaged in a call. It’s intuitive programming lets it develop a naturally feeling flow to the work you do and to the steps you take in accordance with how your interaction is going.

In a nutshell, there are many CRM solutions out there. But any company that wants to make it big one day should consider using the CRMDialer solution. The many features of the software and the awesome way they work together will make any sales team a “dream team”.

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