Why Use WordPress For Blogging? Is It a Better Blogging Platform?

In the new era of Blogging, it’s now easier than back in the start of 2000. Just creating a simple web page would used to take a lot of time but when CMS known as Content Management System such as WordPress, Blogger also known as Blogspot & Joomla etc came into existence, the bad days for Bloggers & Webmasters disappeared and the new Era of Blogging started to blessing their fruits.

Why Use WordPress for Blogging

But apart from those easy-to-manage softwares and CMSs, it’s now a tough decision for every Blogger & Webmaster to know which Blogging Platform to opt for.

So today I just decided to write an in depth article on Why you should use WordPress for Blogging and why it’s an ideal platform for starting your own Blogging business.

So that being said, let’s get started.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS also known as Content Management System but it’s free and open but please do keep in mind that there are two versions of WordPress which are WordPress.org and WordPress.com but there are difference between each other. So let’s differentiate them.


WordPress.org is an open-source free platform which we’re writing about in this post. So as we mentioned that it’s a free platform but it does not mean you can just get started with it and own a free domain but in reality, you’ll need to have a Hosting & a Domain Name in order to start your own blog.

In short, you just need to purchase web hosting & a domain name and then setup WordPress (a blogging software) on your domain name and turn your domain into a branded awesome looking blog.


It’s another CMS for Blogging and creating a Website but it does not require any hosting or domain name initially which means you can easily start using it and creating your own blog without purchasing any Web Hosting or a Domain Name.

But the blog you create with WordPress.com won’t allow you to add a custom domain name to your blog in the free version but instead, you would be able to use the WordPress.com subdomain as your free blog name i.e myblog.wordpress.com.

However if you want to add a custom domain to your WordPress blog, you would need to purchase their premium plans & packages in order to get premium features & other things.

So in a conclusion, it’s important for you to take a look at the features of both platforms and then decide which one can be beneficial for you. Also don’t forget to share with us which Blogging Platform i.e WordPress.org or WordPress.com you’re going to be using for your next Blogging Project.

Now let’s get started with our main topic.

Why Use WordPress.org for Blogging?

Since there out are countless Blogging Platforms and choosing the right one for your blogging projects is quite hard but due to my own experiences and usage of WordPress.org in the last 3 years, I’m going to tell you why exactly I recommend you to start your blog with WordPress and how WordPress can help you take your blog to a whole next level in Search Engines.

1. Free with No Monthly or Yearly Hefty Cost

The very first thing about WordPress is that it’s free & an open source platform and doesn’t come with any monthly or yearly hefty price tags like many other blogging platforms come with. Like if you have been known to WordPress.com then the premium plan of it would cost a lot of money each year and for sure each year you will have to paying a lot of money just by maintaining your blog on it.

Even though, you can use WordPress.com totally for free but with a subdomain name only.
So in short, WordPress.org doesn’t cost you anything else besides your own Web Hosting and a Domain Name and once you have Web Hosting & a Domain Name, you can easily setup WordPress on your domain name and get your blog online.

2. A Wide Range of Themes & Plugins

WordPress comes with a wide range of themes & plugins which lets you make your blog on WordPress standout. Whether you want to take the look & UX of your blog to a next level then just purchase a Premium WordPress Theme or if you just want to bring in some powerful feature & functionality to your blog then just install a plugin from a wide range of free & premium plugins.

There are third-party companies & marketplaces as well that provide free and sell premium plugins so you can download either for free or purchase and install on your blog for the specific reasons and can take the features of your blog to a whole next level!

3. The most Famous Blogging Platform

WordPress is the most famous & used Blogging Platform which powers the web’s over 26% of websites & blogs that makes WordPress.org the only popular platform and still due to its amazing features & easy-to-make website & blog making features, it’s grabbing the attention of new-coming bloggers.

4. Very Much SEO-Friendly

SEO or known as Search Engine Optimization is the key to success in Blogging and that’s why Bloggers love using WP or WordPress and that’s because WordPress blog can easily be SEO-Optimized just by using a few Plugins and just making a few configuration within the WordPress dashboard.

There are a few quite popular plugins that you can use to make your WordPress blog SEO-Optimized such as Yoast SEO, Rank Math which is recently developed by MyThemeShop and All In One SEO etc. However if you think these plugins are not compatible with your current WordPress Theme or your Web Hosting Provider as most of the Hosting don’t support many of the WordPress Plugins then you can choose an SEO Plugin from a wide range of WordPress Plugins repository.

5. Easy to Use

Logging into your dashboard, managing your blog from the WP Dashboard and writing a new blog posts and pages and making other customization to your blog right from the dashboard is quite easier than you think and that’s why almost every Blogger & Webmaster love it.


So in a conclusion, we came to know that WordPress is so far the most popular and famous Blogging Platform that every Beginner should be using to setup their blogs and utilize it to start their online business. After all, WordPress is not just a platform that can be used to make just Blogs but it is the platform that you can use to make all type of websites & niches.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please do let me know below in the comments why you’re exactly using WordPress and why does it impress you a lot.

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