10 Best Virtual Conference Ideas For Your Next Event

Best Virtual Conference Ideas For Your Next Event

Virtual conferences have become the new normal in the event industry. Keeping in mind the preventive measure to avoid contracting the Coronavirus, it is quite challenging for the event marketers to look for new ideas to make their virtual event more engaging and interesting.

If you too are on the lookout for new ideas, then you have landed at the right place. In this blog, we shall be telling you about the 10 best virtual conference ideas to make your next event more successful, memorable and to get your audience excited!

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Amazing Practices & Strategies For Your Next Virtual Event

1. Don’t Prolong The Sessions

It is a known fact that humans tend to get distracted easily and are usually unable to concentrate for a long duration in one go.

You need to make sure that each session does not cross more than 46-60 minutes or else it would lead to screen fatigue and your audience may end up getting distracted and bored or eventually quit the event midway.

2. Engage Your Audience In Creative Games

A creative and effective way to engage your audience and add a fun factor to the virtual event is to conduct a few fun games. You can divide the audience into teams and conduct games like two truths and a lie or host a musical quiz.

Audience In Creative Games

Image Source: Team Building

You can consider hosting a trivia also where you can ask questions related to the film industry or it can be questions related to general knowledge. You can keep a few prizes as well to encourage participation from the other attendees.

3. Instill Excitement In The Audience By Displaying Countdown Between Each Session

To make your audience excited and to make them look forward to the next session, you can display a timer with a countdown to pump them up for the session and for making them look forward to the next session.

4. Social Wall Can Take The Event To The Next Level

A social wall is the best tool to increase engagement and communication between virtual conferences. You can do so by displaying the social media content on a screen.

Social Wall Can Take The Event To The Next Level

One amazing idea would be to conduct a hashtag campaign before the event and motivate your followers to participate and spread the word.

The content can be collected using a social media aggregator tool and be displayed on a social wall to surprise the audience. They would be extremely excited to see their featured content and the present audience would be encouraged to participate too.

5. Invite A Few Famous Speakers Or Faces In The Event

To increase the engagement of your audience, you can invite a few famous speakers who the audience loves listening to as it will automatically excite them and increase your audience count as well.

Just make sure to promote it the right way. Even if you are promoting the event on social media, through emails and newsletters, or blogs. Just make sure you highlight the big name associated with your event to push the receiver to book their slot in your virtual conference right away.

6. Virtual DJ Session In Break

You need to make sure that there is no space for boredom or monotony throughout your event. The break time is when your audience is clueless about what to do and it gives them a reason to leave the event.

Host a surprise DJ session in the break and watch your audience jump with excitement as they would be compelled to shake a leg on the peppy beats of the music.

7. Invite An Illustrator To Bring The Session To Life

Even though it is quite a common scenario, it can never get boring and neither can it fail to engage the audience. You can invite an illustrator who can create real-time illustrations while the session is in process. This will engage the audience and keep them hooked throughout the session. Moreover, it will give them a feeling of listening to a story while all the characters come together to life.

8. Virtual Fancy Dress

Just like in school, we used to dress up and mimic our favorite characters during competitions. You can create a similar scenario during your virtual event and add a twist by converting the competition into a game.

You can motivate your audience to dress up as their favorite character and divide the audience into teams and tell the teams to guess who is dressed up as who. The team with the maximum guess would win!

9. Increase Engagement With Virtual Photo Booth

Who doesn’t like clicking photos, especially fun selfies? Just like in a regular event, your audience would generally roam around and click pictures with the props or at the selfie station.

9. Increase Engagement With Virtual Photo Booth

Image Source: Giggle & Riot

Quite similarly, by creating a virtual photo booth, your audience will enjoy clicking selfies solo or with their family members, pets, etc.

You can later on tell them to post it on social media using the event hashtag.

10. Send Across Goodies

To create a buzz about the event and to make your audience excited, you can send across a few goodies to your audience before the event. You can include a diary, a coffee cup, t-shirts, a cap, a backpack or wine with chocolates.

Your audience would love this gesture and surely be more engaged throughout the event and show maximum participation.

Wrapping It Up

And we have reached the end of the blog and you got to know about the 10 best ideas and practices to host a successful and engaging virtual conference.

Incorporate the above strategies into your next event and you will surely see positive results and a more engaged and excited audience!

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