5 Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics that Also Boost Traffic

Ecommerce is an industry where visuals and marketing tactics matter a lot. Visuals are the reason why people get attracted to it, engage with it again and again. Whereas, digital marketing tactics are the reason why people are aware of it today. Marketing tactics stand strongly to increase eCommerce conversion rates and maintain traffic consistently.

1. Use Quality Content

Quality content is often understood for the better resolution of visuals only. But that is just a one-sided meaning for the term ‘quality’.

Use Quality Content

Quality content also means for something knowledgeable, informational, interactive, or inspiring. It is necessary to have something other than sellable and promotional content, which can entertain, educate, and engage the audience.

As far as an eCommerce business is concerned, wise marketers don’t showcase just sellable content, but they also hustle to interact with their niche audience.

Informational content can be about an issue/demand/need of public or something about which is trending now. Educational content can be about spreading awareness. Hashtags are very helpful in spreading awareness. Just create one, or ask your audience to tag and follow the one with your content.

Whereas, entertaining content would be like interactive anyway. Ask them questions or run story campaigns with polls so that the audience just not feel a buyer but also a family.

These types of content are also quality content, which can be used to drive traffic and increase user engagement.

2. Drive Traffic Through UGC

User-generated content is something that is created with no commercial intent. It always looks genuine and pure. That is the reason why it is loved by the audience on eCommerce websites.

Drive Traffic Through UGC

UGC can drive traffic to your website by engaging the audience with it. Once you have the UGC integrated with your eCommerce website, your visitors would more likely to stay on your website than ever before.

Also, it will build social proof for your website/brand as you are showing your brand’s randomly generated social media content with no paid strategies. By showcasing UGC you are showing your brand’s popularity and social recognition.

People like to engage with such a brand that is socially recognized and also recommend such brands to their loved ones.

3. Convert Social Media Content Into Shoppable

Once you get your social media content integrated with your website, you can now drive traffic to your website by converting it into the shoppable content.

Convert Social Media Content Into Shoppable

Visual commerce tools are capable of adding shoppability to the user-generated content into a website by tagging products into them.

Also, you can convert your social media profile shoppable through the call to action buttons within the social media network itself.

Instagram, Facebook are some networks that allow converting your content into shoppable. You can redirect your social media traffic to your website through this method.

Call to Action buttons plays a key role in this. You just have to intelligently put the action (verb) on the button, which must be compulsive and convincing to the audience to make them press it.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a quite effective tactic to drive traffic and optimize conversion rates.

Email Marketing

Marketers usually apply some tier-strategy for different types of consumers. 3-tier, 2-tier, and single-tier strategies are implemented for the dormant, regular, and less-frequent customers.

The purpose behind email marketing is to remind or recall the customers about your brand and to call them to engage again.

Reportedly, more than 90 percent of consumers check their mail and 59 percent of respondents have agreed that emails have once influenced them.

Mobile phones and easy internet availability are responsible for its popularity. And thus, email marketing can drive ample traffic to your website.

5. Offer Free Shipping

Shipping is something that every customer expects to be free unless they are not importing it.

Offer Free Shipping

Apart from that, to win the race full of uncountable competitors, you have to offer your customers something they expect for.

As far as an eCommerce industry is concerned, shipping is the most crucial phase in the conversion. If your delivery and shipping stage is found a little complex, you might lose that customer from the final stage of your conversion.

Thus, making the delivery stage smooth and offering a free ship to your customers would not only satisfy them but also make them spread sound word-of-mouth.

Note that, just single word-of-mouth can shake your sales and conversion foundation.

Final Words

Apart from these conversion rate optimization tactics, you can also work on some secondary but crucial tactics like collecting on-site data from the surveys and polls and optimize them for future opportunities.

Mouse tracking and click map analysis are also helpful in optimizing the website dynamics and overall performance. These are some other tactics that can drive traffic to your eCommerce business and take you at the top of several commercial verticals.

It is on you now to work relentlessly on them and take your business to the climaxes of accomplishments.

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