Top Trending Games on Google Play Store [June 2018 Updated]

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Now a day’s Android games are not available free of cost. But there are various games you can play or download without paying any money. Most of the Freemium Bottlenecks happens when the user is in a hurry for game launching can commonly get around those pitfalls. Today we are talking about some best play … Read more

Social Media Post Ideas For Business 2018

Social Media has become a boom for people and products alike. Now everyone can log in and go out with a warmth in your heart and inspirations in your mind. But what stands out is that new products and services also get a surreal broadcast on the hyper internet domain – social media. Indisputably, there … Read more

The 6 Best And Top Frameworks To Build Hybrid Mobile Apps

The 6 Best And Top Frameworks To Build Hybrid Mobile Apps

Much had to be accomplished if one wanted to develop an app a while ago. Because the only pathway to have successfully built an iOS and Android app would have been through the gateways of learning and implementing Java and Objective C. Now, I am not saying that it was impossible or rather not appealing, … Read more

A Pro Guide to iPhone Application Development for Your Business

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Apple is considered to be one of the most reputed international brands in the domain of technology and mobile applications. This company has successfully created its products first and then established the need to buy those. People have happily accepted this reverse order as the products and services speak for themselves. The various products of … Read more

Best PDF Markup and Annotation Apps for iPad and iPencil in 2018

Best PDF Markup and Annotation Apps for iPad and iPencil in 2018

PDFs have turned into the default format for sharing configured documents across various platforms. In the event you need to read the PDFs, iBooks will probably address your needs. However, in case you need to markup and annotate your PDFs, you will require an alternate application with a bigger toolbox. The App Store has numerous … Read more

Can Xamarin Test Cloud Be Proved In Mobile Testing?

The mobile phones are one of the most used and demanding consumer items that have taken over every other gadget present in the modern world. The expectations of the customers have also taken a high leap along with the passing time and enhanced technology. The users expect the applications and software to offer the latest … Read more

How to Market and Distribute Your Mobile App With the Right Strategies?

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The fact that there are millions of apps out there is no secret and thus the competition is quite heavy whoever your app’s target audience is. You can’t simply sit back and relax after developing an app, you must look at marketing and distribution too to ensure that it is a success. These require a … Read more