The Future is now: Upcoming top 10 gadgets that will make your life comfy

There are many tools and gadgets that are coming into the market and making the headlines. Decades after their invention, the computers look approximately similar. But these gadgets are much portable and offer specific uses in our daily life.

From smart clothes to food nutrients calculator— the future of technology is here! The scientists and innovators never fail to impress us with the fascinating innovation that causes us the desire to have them.

Here we have discussed some upcoming and latest gadgets that will make our life much simpler and comfortable. Although all these inventions might take a heck of a time to arrive in India but when it comes, you can always check online stores like Flipkart and Snapdeal, as these websites are the first one where the gadgets arrive. Being a gadget and technology lover, you must know what the latest and upcoming gadgets are making a trend in the market. Know here!

1. A “Smart” Jacket with In-Built Heater

When the winter season starts, the best way to feel warm is to wear jackets and sweaters that helps you feel warm but if a single jacket is sufficient then it is a much better option, right? The Flexwarm jacket is the choice you could invest your money at. It has built in the heater with back, chest, and wrist areas along with a special type of sensors you can adjust with in accordance with your wishes.

2. Weather Forecast Umbrella

With technology making its way, from the invention of Alexa to Google home, our work is becoming simpler. To add on this technology, the Ambient umbrella is here that can easily communicate with its owner by showing a series of patterned blue lights that indicate the weather and forecast calls for rain.

The umbrella is well armed with a ZIP code, a wireless service receiver at the umbrella handle that connects with AccuWeather and when the weather looks frightful, it glows and illuminates a gentle blue light. This battery is also powered on the market and cost you quite costly as compared to normal batteries but worthy your money spent.

3. Surface Sterilizer

This gadget makes your kitchen life easy and helps you enjoy only hygienic food. The Kitchen Sanitizing Wand device is quite an essential gadget these days as it helps in destroying up the bacteria and harmful microorganisms from any non-porous surface with its UV rays. This gadget makes a housewife feel happy as they can now enjoy clean food with 100% purity. By using Flipkart coupon codes, you can shop this sterilizer and some more helpful gadgets at budget prices.

4. Transforming home at your command

To imagine your life simple as hell, MIT designed micro apartment called CityHome is here that can easily transform a 15-by-15 space into a great exercise region, sprawl, study, kitchen, and sleeping area, that changes within some seconds.

One can control their apartment at one go by controlling by wall-mounted devices that resembles a clock. You can choose a time of day and room morphs into a space you desire. For instance – After moving out from your bed, you can easily convert your room into exercise/workoutappearance. The bed will lift away into the top limit and the floor space will be unoccupied, and a full-wall with a display yoga studio in the projection.

5. Self Paddling Bike

MIT lab has developed a research project announced at the 2009 Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change that contains a motor which can easily transform a normal bike into an electric vehicle. The device runs with a battery that shatters into the back of your bike. When you pedal the wheel, the wheel captures the excess energy when going downfall or going steeper in the harder terrains.

The best part about this technology is that it can connect to the internet and you can use it to record speed and distance travelled, discover friends all over the city, examine air quality and get notified when the bike starts when you’re not in your seat.  Snap

6. 3-Sided Flip Phone

This is the most modern invention on a Smartphone. The three interrelated screens in a cell phone can work in the varied model even if you use a different app simultaneously. When the phone gets flipped in its best form, you can easily locate the keyboard on the back. The advanced phone user’s hope for the project’s new launch comes in the market faster.

7. Pilot Wireless Headphone Translators

When you use these tiny headphones and put it into your ears then it starts the automatic translation and allows you to choose your preferred language from the setting. The best thing about this headphone is that you don’t need the internet to make your travel becomes more easy and interesting. To shop these headphones and more interesting set of headphones, you can apply Snapdeal coupon codes and get great pieces at very reasonable prices.

8. Baby Monitoring Tool

If you have a small baby at home then this one’s for you! This high-tech helicopter parent is one best way to monitor your baby’s activity.

The Mimo Baby Shirt is the tool that measures newborn respiration, skin temperature, body position, sleep patterns and activity levels. The organic cotton shirt comes with machine-washable sensors that help in monitoring at real-time through your home’s Wi-Fi network. There’s also a microphone that lets you easily stream your baby’s sound to your smartphone.

9. Kids Tracking House

The “telekinetic” Google Latitude Doorbell is another cool gadget that is developed by Rose and colleagues. It lets you know where your family members are when they are approaching towards the home. The data is received about each family member from Google Latitude from a smart device about each family member’s whereabouts— but the only flaw is that it is communicated only as ambient doorbell chimes and each person has a distinctive one.

10. Scanner Determining Food Composition

If you get to know of food composition of a dish by yourself, how would you feel?  Tell Spec is the latest new innovation which helps in accurately knowing you about the composition of a dish. It scans the food, sends a list of ingredients, information about the products, then provides a list of constituent and information about the food nutritional value to a particular phone application. Also, it warns you about the safety of the products you eat.

So, after knowing about the latest and upcoming gadgets, there is no doubt that the technology transformation is moving to the sky. Therefore, it becomes essential to keep pace with the innovation and technological advancement to stay updated.

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