Why is a Help Desk Tickets Feature Important for a CRM?

Why Is a Help Desk Tickets

Modern CRM solutions come with a variety of integrated features such as a dialer app or a help desk tickets system in order to make any business run smoothly. But knowing how to use these features is a whole other story. When you get to know how they work and what you can use them for you might actually be surprised at how much they can improve productivity in any company.

Do Help Desk Tickets Actually Help?

In almost any company the customer support department is the one that gets the most activity during any given day. That is because the department itself is designed to directly interact with and help the clients of the company with any problem they might face when using a product or a service provided by said company. But dealing with customers can prove to be difficult at times. There are a lot of questions flying around, uncertain details and sometimes even a general lack of understanding of what the problem actually is.

This is why companies have developed the help desk tickets system. The system relies on the customer filling out a questionnaire about his problems and passing that questionnaire over to a customer support employee. The questions the customer is asked to answer are created in such a way that they refer to the most common problems and inquires faced by other clients. This way customers can find similarities with their own issues and help the customer support employee come up with a solution.

The software used to generate the tickets has a variety of features. One such feature is the ability to color code each ticket according to the severity of the problem. This helps with the prioritizing of the tickets the customer support department has to handle in a day. Also, depending on how urgent the matter is, the system can send the ticket to the next employee available or wait for a specific one to become available. The system works by increasing the rate of response among employees and helping customers better identify what kind of support they actually need.

The help desk ticketing system works so well that many companies have implemented it into their own structure, helping departments interact between them and lowering waiting times for the ones that need help. Also, they have proven to be a very good tool for the management part of a company, helping managers figure out how much each employee is working and how important that work actually is.

Why Are Help Desk Tickets a Feature for CRM Software?

Over the years CRM developers have integrated a series of features into their software solutions. One of these features are help desk tickets. That is because they understood that businesses need to have everything that makes the work easier into one single package. This is why more and more businesses, when looking for a CRM solution, look for the ones that also have an integrated help desk tickets system.

Integrating this feature along with others into CRMs has proven very useful. Because the CRM is designed to sync up all of its features, the tickets can now be generated quicker and transmitted faster to whoever needs to receive them. All the feature does is collect the information from the CRMs data base and auto fill the required information onto the ticket. The software can even decide how important the ticket s and where to end it for proper evaluation.

How Does a Dialer App. Work?

In order to expand and gain new customers, businesses understood that it isn’t enough to wait for the customers to come to them and that they need to make the first step and engage new customers. But engaging new customers wasn’t always easy. The most common way of doing so was by calling them. And that was how the dialer was invented. As time and technology marched on, the dialer became a dialer app, integrated into a far more complex CRM solution.

The easiest way of thinking about what a dialer application is and does is to imagine an old fashioned dialer that can now do a lot more than just dial phone numbers from a list. The app can decide if to drop a call or not, if the caller isn’t picking up, or if the number dialed is in service anymore. It can even be programed to interact with the caller by using a pre-determined set of messages that actively respond to what the caller is saying. The app also reduces the time a human would waste with actually dialing and hanging up after each call and also effectively reduces the risk of human error such as wrong dialing or accidentally disconnecting the call.

Usually a dialing app is used by the sales department or team of a company in order to reach out to new clients or even check up on old ones. This way the company can still get its message out but with much more accuracy thanks to these apps. Although the method of cold-calling as it was known back in the day could be really annoying for many customers, the modern dialer app can now be programed to adapt its message according to the response it gets from the customer

Any good dialing app can prove to be of great value to both sales teams and call center crews. T reduces time a person would waste between calls, giving that employee more time to actually engage with the client and actively assist him in any way he needs. These apps have proven their worth and are here to stay

How to Find the Right Dialer App?

How to Find the Right Dialer App

Nowadays, any good CRM solution comes with a dialer already integrated. This makes life easier for everyone involved in growing a business. But if you are not totally satisfied with the already integrated app, finding one that suites your needs can take some time and research. Firstly, you have to understand that there are many apps out there and they all have something unique about them. Some were developed for small businesses others for bigger ones, some might even have various capabilities in recording calls or playing pre-recorded interactive messages. Whatever you are looking for there is a good chance that it is already somewhere out there.

Secondly, don’t rush into anything. A simple Google search for dialer apps will turn up loads of results. Make sure you take your time and at least flip through some of them, and don’t just jump on the one at the top of the list. Although the first it might not be the one you need, and you’ll end up stuck with something that doesn’t please you.

Another key aspect of any apps for dialing is the pricing. Be careful when you sign up to anything. Make sure you understand how their pricing system works and what you get for the money you pay. You don’t want to end up spending a load of money on features you’re not going to use only to switch apps after a few months.

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