What are the pros and cons of satellite internet vs cable Internet?

What makes satellite internet stands out is its availability – if you are somewhere where you can get to view an open sky – you can easily get satellite internet, irrespective of which locality you are based in. However, this is the reason why satellite users have to pay more; its strength i.e. ‘availability’ makes it costly. Therefore, the satellite is the go-to option for those who have no other option available in their locality.

satellite internet vs cable Internet

Now, coming to the cable internet – it offers good speed, and low prices, all in one but it is conditional to availability. It is less pricy than satellite. In some areas, with fiber internet, it provides even greater speed. It also allows you to bundle up your internet with the TV services in one package like Spectrum cable for instance. But, the pricing and serviceability depend upon the area, city, and region you live in – as it varies from location to location.

Pros & Cons of Satellite vs. Cable TV at A Glance

Satellite internet is the best option to pick – if you are based in a rural area or you tend to travel a lot, you need the internet whilst traveling.

Pros of Satellite Internet Connection

  • Serviceability almost in all places
  • Broadband speed is possible
  • Economical as compared to public mobile hotspots
  • Frequently faster than assured
  • Rapid retrieval post-disaster

Cons of Satellite Internet Connection

  • Costly
  • Expensive Data caps
  • Slow speed than fiber and cable.
  • High latency
  • At-risk to bad weather conditions
  • Does not support VPN.
  • Extended minimum agreements

Pros of Cable Internet Connection

Here are a few main pros of cable Internet and its usage:

  • Does not need a phone connection, which indicates that you have your internet connection readily available. This is beneficial in a way that you are not required to dial in order to connect to an Internet plus there are no charges for dial-up connectivity. In addition to it, you could stay linked to the Internet connection all the time.
  • Considerably faster than the rest of the kinds of broadband internet connections which include dial-up, DSL, and satellite – this enables you to transmit data such as music, videos, and photos, at faster speeds.
  • Supports heavy data activities including online gaming that brings you higher quality playing experience.
  • Not as at risk to drop out the connection as the dial-up internet connection is.

Cons of Cable Internet Connection

Here are some of the leading hindrances while using a cable Internet connection:

  • The speed of the internet is not as fast if we compare it with fiber-optic Internet, plus the internet speed you get over and over depends on the number of people in your zone use the same Internet at once. Your internet connection may be unusually sluggish if you go online through peak hours.
  • Early connection charges could frequently be fairly high, particularly if you go for a professional technician to install all the equipment.
  • Not serviceable in all regions.

Quick evaluation

Packages Charges Agreement Download speeds Installation charges
Satellite internet $60.00–$150.00 per month. Up to 24 months. 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps No further charges
Cable internet $20.00–$300.00 per month. Up to 24 months. 10 Mbps to 2,000 Mbps $9.99–$75.00

In the rural community, there are typically only three options available for the internet – either DSL, dial-up, or satellite. If we compare them, the satellite gives better speed than DSL and dial-up. However, satellite internet costs more than the rest of the two, however, when it comes to speed, it is absolutely worth it. Generally, for people who often keep traveling, using satellites is a bonus, as they can get faster internet wherever they go.

Satellite Internet Cable Internet
Service for RVs on the road Great gaming performance
Icon of Satellite internet Faster speeds
Nationwide accessibility Wide obtainability
More costly prices than other categories of service prices and speeds vary across localities
Lower maximum speeds than cable Availability varies by locality
Installation Included  

The bottom line is:

To conclude it, we would say, if you have multiple or more than one option available to choose from, let’s say, in your area, you have Xfinity, Spectrum, or Cox available – cable internet should be your choice as it provides much faster speed at affordable prices.

Also, if there are not many options available to choose from, or you live in any rural area, then satellite is definitely your go-to service.

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