What’s better, a Dell or HP laptop?

Thinking of rewarding your hard work with a brand-new laptop? Read on and help yourself decide which one to buy. Laptops have played a huge role for every student in the university, as well as for every employee in the office. Seemingly, their utility and convenience boost up anyone’s productivity which results to a great … Read more

What Is USB-C? An Explainer

What Is USB-C

There have been improvements in the USB space over the last year, moving from USB-A port connection through to USB-B and now USB-C. The USB-C is set to replace the USB interfaces and found on all manner of devices like the newest laptops, phones, and tablets. USB-C is the emerging standard for data transfer and … Read more

Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning: Simplified

People have been embarking upon buzz terms in the tech industry lately. This is because there’s a specific trend that arises once a word or name is coined. Many people nowadays use terms without fully getting to understand them, which causes confusion, misinformation, and most of the time, fake news. Every often a new app … Read more